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Welcome to Quest 2025

Will humanity choose to succeed?

Quest 2025 is working to ensure that the answer to this question is 'yes'.

Informed by Jarad Diamond’s book Collapse – How societies choose to fail or succeed, Quest 2025 is committed to:

• Educating people on the imperatives of ecological sustainability;

• Raising awareness of the plight of our endangered planet

• Being a catalyst for people working together to create an ecologically sustainable world.

Birds Make A Face

Even among those very concerned about the future of our planet, there is a poor understanding of what ecological sustainability is.

Quest 2025 aims to educate people about what ecological sustainability really is and to offer a Vision of what to do to create an ecologically sustainable future.

You are invited to use this website to understand ecological sustainability and to promote alliances, forums, conversations and effective actions to rescue the future.

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